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Marketing Management Books

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Kotler on Marketing : How to Create, win and dominate markets.

For more than three decades, Philip Kotler has been the authority on marketing for business grad students around the world. (His seven textbooks on various aspects of the topic are available in 18 languages in 58 countries, for example, while his seminal Marketing Management is considered the most widely used volume among all MBAs.) Even with all these publications, and a consultation /seminar practice aligned with firms such as AT&T,IBM, Michelin, Shell, and Merck, Kotler never committed to paper his popular theories concerning the ways in which executives and their managers should approach their real-life marketing programs. Until, that is, Kotler on Marketing. Comprehensive yet clear, this new compendium finally synthesizes Kotler's vast experiences and proven ideas into a single accessible resource. Three meaty initial sections address a series of strategic, tactical, and administrative concerns, ranging from identifying opportunities and building brand equity to utilizing outside intelligence and evaluating performance.A brief fourth part titled " Transformational Marketing" offers Kotler's perspective on "the revolutionary impact on the marketplace and marketing practice of the new technologies ... and new media"including the Internet, fax machines, sales-automation software, cable TV, videoconferencing, and " personal newspapers."

Marketing Management: Millennium Edition by Philip Kotler

We have called the tenth edition the Millennium Edition because it will appear just as a new millennium begins and just as the pace of change in the marketplace is accelerating. It is an opportunity to look back at the past as well as forward to the future, to retain the best of what was as well as to focus on what will be. This new edition reflects a major effort to feature the marketing ideas, tools and practices companies will need to operate successfully in the New Millennium. Hundreds of minicase examples have been added to illustrate what leading companies are doing to meet the challenges of the new environment. Throughout the book, we show how the World Wide Web and e-commerce are dramatically altering the marketing landscape. At the same time, this special Millennium edition continues to build on the fundamental strengths of past editions:
1. A managerial orientation. This book focuses on the major decisions marketing managers and top management face in their efforts to harmonize the organization's objectives, capabilities, and resources with marketplace needs and opportunities.
2. An analytical approach: This book presents a framework for analyzing recurrent problems in marketing management. Cases and examples illustrate effective marketing principles, strategies, and practices.
3.A basic disciplines perspective: This book draws on the rich findings of various scientific disciplines--economics, behavioral science, management theory, and mathematics-for fundamental concepts and tools.
4.Universal applications: This book applies marketing thinking to the complete spectrum of marketing: products and services, consumer and business markets, profit and nonprofit organizations, domestic and foreign companies, small and large firms, manufacturing and intermediary businesses, and low and high-tech industries.
5.Comprehensive and balanced coverage.This book covers all the topics an informed marketing manager needs to understand: it covers the major issues in strategic, tactical, and administrative marketing.

Be Your Own Sales Manager : Strategies and Tactics for Managing Your Accounts, Your Territory and Yourself

Brand Management: The Guide to marketing and brand management

Database Marketing : The Ultimate marketing tool by Edward L Nash

The man who has been called the "master strategist" of direct marketing now describes how and why database marketing is revolutionizing the field. Readers will learn how to develop and implement effective database marketing strategies that generate sales, avoid pitfalls, promote a positive company image, and capitalize on "golden" opportunities. Here are a wealth of techniques for: Building an in-house database, purchasing the perfect lists from other sources, and achieving the right mix of the¡­..

Complete MBA Companion in Marketing by Kellog

Geared to the MBA student, a comprehensive guide to marketing philosophy, strategy, and technique prepares would-be business leaders for the marketing realities of the 21st century. Original

The Complete Guide to Telemarketing management by Joel Linchitz

This book is essential in understanding and implementing profitable customer relationship selling in any business or call center.

Collect Your Money : A Guide to collecting complete outstanding accounts receivables for your business

I am a Doctor with a very large practice in Colorado. My accounts receivable is just alarming. Before I purchased Collect Your Money by Cody Flecker, I was owed in excess of 750,000 dollars. In 4 months using this book, its letters and simple to understand advice, my staff collected over 350,000 dollars without the advice of an attorney or collection agency. In fact, I fired the agency. Why pay them 25-50% of the outstandings when I can pay my own people to do the same. I recommend this book to every medical practioner I come into contact with. Every small to medium size business should have this book as well. I have recommended it to all of my business patients. If people or businesses owe you money you should buy this book. I am glad that I did.

Business Market Management : understanding, creating and delivering value.

Business Market Management explores the process of understanding, creating and delivering value to targeted business markets and customers.Relying upon empirical assessment of value in the marketplace, it provides a means of gaining an equitable return on value delivered and enhancing a supplierfirm's present and future profitability. This book reflects the principles and practices of the discipline and by presenting and conducting management practice research strives to advance the field. It brings together venerable past thinking and leading-edge thinking to provide a progressive approach to managing business markets.

Building Database Driven Catalogs

This book is about implementing a system for managing and publishing product information in today's world of short product cycles and high-paced decision making. It explains why marketing organizations must replace the traditional methods of managing product information with a new database-driven system which continuously provides customers with complete, accurate, and up to date information to help them make informed buying decisions. The book describes the architecture of such systems and how to implement it in your enterprise.

Basic Marketing Management

Focuses on all aspects of planning,co-ordinating and executing marketing strategy. Includes the main concepts and terms associated with marketing management. Contains new chapters on competitive analysis, sales promotion, direct marketing and an increased emphasis on international trade and foreign marketing strategies.

The Artist's Guide to New Markets :...

The Artist's Guide to New Markets reveals how emerging and established artists can build and expand their careers beyond the gallery setting.This is a completely original guide to the rapidly multiplying possibilities available to artists, from new government programs to selling to magazines to placing art in public places and online galleries. Included are real-life success stories and seasoned advice from dozens who have successfully ventured into new markets or have created their own from...

Ama Handbook for Managing Business to Business Marketing Communications

It's Monday morning. Bill walks into his office and is promptly greeted by his boss. "We fired George last Friday, Bill," says the boss. "You've got marketing now." This is common place in corporate America, especially in tech companies. After all, everyone knows marketing...right? Nick De Bonis and I wrote our book for the Bills of the world. We also wrote it for CEOs who have a sneaking suspicion that something is wrong in Marketing, but can't figure out what or why? Our book is a survivors' manual for new marketers thrown into marketing warfare... and those who know marketing needs a fix. Enjoy -- and be a survivor! Roger S. Peterso

Advanced Marketing Strategy : Phenomena, Analysis and Decisions

Using the language of professional marketers and an integrated managerial/analytic approach, this book covers marketing technology in a three-level theoretical framework supported with case studies.

Doing Business With the Japanese-A Guide to Successful Communication, Management and Diplomacy (Suny Series in Speech Communication)

To prepare westerners for professional contacts with Japanese associates, markets, and audiences, Goldman combines analyses of Japanese society, corporate culture, and communication protocol with a walk through a broad array of strategic communication venues and contact situations with the Japanese. In addition to the full chapters on facets of US-Japanese communication, culture, business and management, he also presents a series of brief exercises and fast messages pertaining to an eclectic assortment of intercultural issues.

25 Management Lessons from the customers side of the counter.

Close To The Customer is a sometimes shocking, often humorous look at encounters between customers and organizations. It gives 25 new ideas you can use to keep customers coming back for more.

101 Media and Marketing Tips for the sole proprietor

At last! A marketing book that is easy -- and fun -- to read! Includes ideas for using the internet, direct mail, newsletters, radio &TV and much, much more! Best of all, each tip can be implemented with a minimum of effort and expense. A valuable resource section makes it possible to know not only WHAT to do - but HOW to get it done.

The Brand Mindset: How Companies Like Starbucks, Whirlpool, and Hallmark Became Genuine Brands and Other Secrets of Branding Success .

How Starbucks became Starbucks and other secrets of branding success. Aimed at managers, not just marketers, a famed consultant presents a powerful prescription for understanding, building, and sustaining brand equity. Duane Knapp demonstrates, from a management perspective, why"a company's brand is the most valuable asset it can have." he shows how the very best practitioners - contemporary household names like Starbucks, Citicorp, Whirlpool, Lexus, Hallmark, and others - shrewdly develop and maintain their brands even in the face of ferocious competition. Readers can assess and improve their own efforts by adopting Knapp's five proven components of the Brand Mindset that is for brand success: Make a promise to the consumer; make all decisions with the brand in mind; make sure the entire company supports the brand's message; make the brand bigger than the business, and build one specific image for the brand and stick with it always.
"Through in-depth analyses of Genuine Brands - Hallmark Cards, Hampton Inn, Lexus, Whirlpool, Starbucks, Citibank, and Charter Club - Duane Knapp presents his unique five-step plan that any organization can follow to become a Genuine Brand in the minds of the customers. First, there is the Brand Assessment: how do your stake-holders - customers, suppliers, employees, etc. - perceive the brand? Second, BrandPromise: what should the brand uniquely promise? Third is Brand Blueprint: how will you...

Global Marketing Management Update 2000

I adopted this Update edition for my classes. The Update provides a thought-provoking , thorough, and insightful chapter on the implications of the Asian financial crisis and marketing in the Euro-land. The topics are exactly what students are craving for right now. A great book.

Entrepreneur Magazine: Bringing Your product to market.
Don't risk a small fortune trying to make a big one. Let acclaimed consultant Don Debelak show you how to get your exciting new product off the drawing board and into the marketplace¡ª without losing your shirt! In his book, you'll learn what every inventor and entrepreneur needs to know about manufacturing techniques, product design, distribution channels, patents, licensing, and cash flow.You'll also discover how to handle some very tricky issues that are crucial to your success, including
Knowing when your product is market ready
Creating a step-by-step product-to-market strategy
Adjusting your strategy to changing market conditions
Finding financial help from investors, manufacturers, and distributors
Having manufacturers pay development costs prior to licensing
ENTREPRENEUR Magazine is the banner publication of the Entrepreneur Magazine Group. It has the largest news stand circulation of any business monthly with a total ABC-audited circulation of 410,000. DON DEBELAK is President of DSD Marketing, an inventor assistance firm. He has personally helped more than 100 entrepreneurs market and sell their products successfully.

Developing Business Strategies

The business manager's essential guide to strategic planning and marketing. This revised edition of the classic book on strategic planning features updated research and new examples on topics including internal and external analyses, total quality management, customer relations, building brand identity, and more. It includes new case studies on companies including Toyota, Nike, Saturn, ESPN, Nucor, and Microsoft, and discusses newer products like CDs and HDTV. David A. Aaker (Orinda,CA) is the E.T. Grether Professor of Marketing Strategy at the Haas School of Business Administration at the University of California-Berkeley. He is the author of Marketing Research and Managing Brand Equity.
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